Lindsell Business Solutions brings the analytical skills and vision to find a way forward and produce workable solutions to one-off financial and commercial management issues facing a business. This is combined with the practical management experience to implement them, leading multi-disciplinary teams where needed. Knowledge transfer to the client is an essential component to ensure the lasting benefit from projects undertaken.


Financial and commercial consultancy may address a wide range of issues such as:


  • Resolution of one-off problems
  • Carry out ad hoc projects
  • Teaching, coaching and mentoring
  • Risk management


Consultancy projects carried out by Philip Lindsell include:


Levy: Managed and led a team which designed and put in place a large scale (£1bn p.a.) levy collection process by government from an entire industry sector.


Profit centres: Advised infrastructure companies on optimal methods of operating a profit centre-based system of management to improve the commercial orientation of the company’s operations.


Training: Carried out training of management teams throughout a major power company on finance for non-financial managers.

Philip Lindsell Philip Lindsell
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